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I've rewritten these games for the Web, play them on my website.

Games2d is the ultimate collection of fun and addictive 2d games for GNU/Linux.

The collection includes...


The classic Pong game with cool graphics effects and bounce sound.


The classic game Snake, but the snake can move in any direction.


An evolution of the classic game Snake. There are four snakes each one with a different color. Only one snake moves. There are four kinds of foods with the same colors as the snakes. When the active snake eats a food the snake with the same color starts moving, and the current one stops. The goal is to eat as much food as possible.

It's easier to play than to explain!


The classic game Sokoban with a story twist. In Sokoban you're a warehouse keeper. In games2d sokoban, one day all the dead people come to life to conquer the Earth, but the first skeleton to get out of his tomb happens to be egoist and wants the Earth for himself, so he tries to cover all the tombs with a stone as fast as possible, to stop the others. A better name would be skeletban or zombieban.


A tile-matching puzzle where blocks fall and you have to move and rotate them to fill whole lines. The blocks can be tetronimoes, pentonimoes, hexaominoes, trikings, tetrakings or pentakings.

If you like hard puzzles you'll love this game.


The classic game Simon using animal verses instead of notes.

And many more are coming...


  • Easy and fun to play, perfect for small breaks while working.
  • All games share the same interface. Press Escape to quit, M to mute, P to pause, N to play a new game, use the Arrows or A,W,D,S to move. In the lower part of the screen there are icons for the same commands.
  • Standalone statically linked binaries. You don't need to install anything, just download the games and play them! You can freely move the binaries around since images and sounds are embedded.


There's a lot of people to thank. Too much to list them here. The file CREDITS contains a complete list. In particular I'd like to thank the opengameart.org community for their amazing work.

The code is under the GPL.

Is there a game you would like to see in games2d? Email me. Got a question? Email me.

Made by http://xojoc.pw


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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games2d_x86.tar.gz 11 MB
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games2d_arm.tar.gz 10 MB

Download demo

pong_386 5 MB
pong_amd64 6 MB
pong_arm 5 MB
snake_386 6 MB
snake_amd64 7 MB
snake_arm 6 MB

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